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Tips for giving your dog a good life

Though there is no formula to living a good life, you can still do your best to give your dog with a limited lifespan in comparison to humans an amazing life by taking great care of him. Dogs don’t want anything from their humans except love. They don’t care whether their human is rich or poor. All they need is the time of the person or the family with whom he stays. Being a responsible dog parent, you should put your best efforts into offering the canine a healthy and happy life by providing him food, medicines, and pet grooming at home on time, despite showering upon him an abundance of love and care.

Here, are some tips shared to give your dog a good life—

  • Strictly follow the vaccination regime every year. Missing out on one vaccine can cause severe health hazards to canines. Follow the synchronization of distemper, anti-rabies, and corona vaccination every year to protect your dog from any external attacks and to keep him healthy. 
  • Taking proper care of their digestive system must be a prerogative. Add supplements like digyton syrup in the food or you can also give it to your dog an hour before the meal. Buy a bottle of liv 52 for dogs to protect the liver of your dog. 
  • From middle to extra large dogs buy Fiprofort plus to provide them an extra layer of shield. Keep handy a file of Himalaya scavon cream to cure bacterial and fungal hazards in your dog. 

Visit the vet every month for a general check-up of your dog and to update the medication if needed to provide the canine a thorough care.



How to take care of your dog with aging?

Your dear little pup needs special care in every stage of his life. When he’s a puppy, his diet, medicines, daily cleaning chores are way different than the schedule you have to follow for the dog with aging. At renowned pet stores like vetco, you can get the finest quality pet products from- medicines to grooming products from the top brands. Pick the top quality brands selling the best quality grooming products and medicines for the canine, cats, or birds and purchase online. You can also visit the stores to buying the essential pet medicines or food you need for your pet.

Know a few things about taking care of your aging dog—

Watch his diet

The regular diet of your dog should be the topmost priority. Despite following the strict diet prescribed by the vet, add the supplements such as digyton plus, and other medicines to support the digestive system of your pet. You must keep following the same dietary regime for any pet.

Be strict with medication 

With aging, your dog needs extra care as humans do. Keep a close tab with your veterinary, particularly if your canine is facing any trouble related to skin, fur, anal gland, or anything else. You can keep a pack of scavon cream and anxocare with pets at home, particularly dogs.

Use natural shampoo & conditioner 

Buyaloe vera or natural dog shampoo from the best brands, whether online or from the store of Vetco, to grab the hottest deals along with conditioners.


Which is the Best Dog Food in India?

You must have been keen to buy dog clothes online India or the best pet foods and do everything that might keep your pet healthy and happy. However, most pet owners are often confused with the overwhelming market where hundreds of pet food products are competing with each other.

Eventually, you must feed your dog with the best and reliable dog food brands like Kennel Kitchen Dog Treats or similar reputed brands. But, how can you blindly trust the brands just because of their name and reputation? 

You should feed your pet based on its age, breed, and health condition. Following are a few things that are essential to know while buying dog foods. However, the below information will help you not only for your dog but even while purchasing the Meo persian cat food for your kitten. 

What to Check to Ensure the Quality of Dog Food

  • Ingredient: The top 5 ingredients indicate the quality of the pet food. Besides the pet diet, you should check the top five ingredients in other pet products like Himalaya scavon spray too.
  • Meat and Grain Content: The product should contain 50 to 85% fresh meat and 30% dehydrated meat. Similarly, dogs may not digest an increased percentage of grain content.
  • Preservatives: Natural preservatives are better than synthetic ones.

There are several types of dog foods such as dry food, semi-moist food, canned food, raw food, home-cooked, etc. Consult with your doctor and get appropriate foods from reliable brands like Getvetco for your pet.


Is Kennel Kitchen Good for Cats

The contemporary market is flooded with animal food brands and people often get confused about whether to go for Kennel Kitchen Cat Treats or numerous Wherever products or elsewhere. Similarly, many are still in the dilemma between dry and wet food and their advantages and disadvantages.

Remember, you need to feed your pet depending on its age, breed, and its health condition. Animal foods are usually determined based on the volume of ingredients and quality which also determines their price. But all expensive pet foods may not ensure quality.

Is Kennel Kitchen Products Appropriate for Your Pets? 

You might be happy with calcium milk bones for dogs or other expensive options for your cats. But do you know that lower quality and contaminated pet foods are not only dangerous for your pets but lead to human illness and life risks? 

Kennel Kitchen products are comparatively healthier for your pets and so reliable. Following are a few characteristics for which its products are trending in the market: 

  • Kennel Kitchen products are produced from fresh and local organic farm products that are healthy and free of contamination.
  • The brand incorporates essential protein, minerals, and vitamins.
  • The products are filler-free.

Eventually, the Kennel Kitchen pet products are not only safe and good for your pet, but they are affordable too. Try Kennel Kitchen products and see the difference. 

Ingredients and quality of pet foods determine the price. However, expensive foods may not always assure quality. Know why Getvetco can be a better option for you. 


Why your pets need food made just for them?

Being a dog parent, you must understand that each breed requires a different proportion of food and nutrition. When you visit the vet, from day-1, your dog will be prescribed a particular brand of dog food along with medicines or staple food. Always visit reliable stores selling the best quality food for dog food such as Dogsmith besides cat food and other pet food.

Here are some reasons, why your pets need food created just for them—

Diet differentiation between puppy and adult dogs

A puppy of any size and breed eats four times a day while an adult dog eats once or twice daily. Considering the breed of your dog, you can purchase the dog food under the guidance of the veterinarian besides picking up a chosen FTFK Dog Bandana for your puppy or adult dog of yours.

Remember, that the food requirement of a German Shepherd puppy will be more than that of a Beagle that’s why buy the dog food considering these pointers besides shopping FOFOS Dog Toy for your new fur baby.

Special food designed for cat only 

You might give your cat human food including fish but are you sure you’re feeding the pet with sufficient nutrients needed for appetite and fur protection? Buy Farmina Cat Food, the best quality food designed according to the needs of your cat.

Additional nutrition added to pet food

Companies like Vetco, take pride in showcasing the healthy diet option for coat care and digestion carefor your pet cat and dog of any breed.


How to surprise your dog with amazing gifts?

Like any pet parent, if you enjoy shopping for your dogs or cats, then surprising them with gifts must be on your list. Playing is a part of their daily routine. As much as the animals play daily, they’ll get tired and be more obedient. Exercising increases the appetite and the overall spirit of your dog. There’s a saying that a tired dog is an obedient dog. Shop the best quality, Zee.Dog Dog Toy for your four-legged best friend and surprise the canine with a new toy every time.

Special treats

Despite shopping for the new toys for your Labrador, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Beagle, or any dog or cat you have from Vetco, surprise the animal with special treats.

Though the treats are often used for training purposes, you can also buy a packet of Gnawlers dog treats and feed your dog at times while you have breakfast or having an evening snack.

A dog’s day out—

During the pandemic, most pets are deprived of regular long walks in the mornings or evenings. Don’t let this happen. Surprise your fur baby by taking him out to a local park for a long walk. You can also plan a short trip nearby where you can have a nice picnic while your pet can also run around and play with his favorite Frisbee or dog toys from popular brands such as Forcans dog Products and so on.

Try to keep your pet happy every time so that they might not feel deprived. Remember your dog’s unconditional love for you that is simply magical!


Four Paws Magic Coat Citrus Pet Shampoo

Made in the USA, Four Paws Shampoo does not contain any bleach and can be used on puppies and kittens from 8 weeks of age. Although the shampoos will not interact with or remove parasite spot-on treatments, it is not recommended that conditioner is used within three days of application.

This organic shampoo from Magic Coat features a pleasing citrusy scent that conditions and deodorizes your dog’s coat. Magic Coat Nature’s Citrus is designed to relieve the itching and scratching caused by flea and insect bites, and leaves irritated skin feeling smooth.

Visit Get Vetco Store and shop Four Paws Magic Coat Citrus Pet Shampoo.


Tips for improving your Dog’s Diet

Parenting a dog is equal to having a child of your own. So, being a conscious dog mom or dad, maintaining a regular diet of your dog, whether a puppy or an adult is mandatory. Many dog parents tend to overfeed their dogs. Sometimes the dogs grow a habit of eating the food of their humans. Buy Royal Canin Dry Dog Food as this manufacturer has revolutionized the taste of dog food. If your dog troubles you during feeding, you can stay away from the stress as this product will lure the furry baby towards the bowl long before you serve.

Check out some more tips for improving your dog’s diet—

Stick to the timing & quantity 

You need to stick to a proper time whether it’s during lunch or dinner as most dogs are punctual about their eating time. Whether you’re offering them cooked food or Me-O Cat Dry Food, make sure to maintain the exact quantity every time.

Consult the Vet

Mostly, the owners visit the vets when their dogs are puppies. Later, many of them don’t consult about the eating habits of their dogs with the vets. With the aging of your dog, consult the vet to know whether you continue with staple food for lunch or offer your dog Kennel Kitchen Dry Dog Food.

Always stay alert about the diet of your dog. Remember ‘health is wealth’, either for a man or a dog. Add Wiggles Spray for Dogs to keep the digestive system of your dog healthy.


Cool Ways to Pamper your Dog

Loving pet parents are always concerned about making their dogs happy. Besides, their health and well-being are also their prime focus that’s why they always look forward to shopping for the best quality and tasty food such as acana dog food, Royal Canin, or Pedigree Gravy food, etc. for keeping their dogs happy.

Here are the top 5 ways you can pamper your dog—

Dog Grooming

Being the best dog mom or dad, you can take your dog to a pet spa for a thorough grooming session that includes shampooing, hair trimming, renal gland cleaning, nail trimming, and a complete paw care solution.

Complete tic care 

You can also shop grooming stuff at home and give your dog a nice shower and dry him up before applying the Bark Out Loud Spot on For Dogs as these are 100% effective in removing the fleas and ticks from your dog or cat. This natural and monthly treatment is strongly suggested by the vets as ticks can even paralyze a dog.

Shop Dog Toys

Whether your life is brightened up by a large German Shepherd, a mid-sized beagle, or a tiny pug, you should pamper them by gifting them loads of toys. Especially, opt for the rope toys if you have a large breed. Buy the finest quality dog toys from premium brands such as Bark Butler dog toys as cheaper quality products might be harmful to the animal.

Give them proper medicines and include Himalaya Dog Syrup in their food for building their immunity besides the regular diet you serve your beautiful dog.


Me-O Mackerel Adult Cat Dry Food

Me-O Mackerel Adult Cat Dry Food – Me-O Cat Food is an optimally balanced and nutritionally complete cat food with high palatability and digestibility. The delicious, nutritious and crunchy nature of Me-O Cat Food makes your beloved feline fall for it right from the very first bite. Just be sure you always have a bowl of clean drinking water nearby for your loving pet.

Visit Get Vetco Store and shop Me-O Cat Dry Food.